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A Summary of 40 Personal Radon Studies 2hrs KITTO-401CE a (KITTO-401 a)

"(Some of) What I Learned During 30+ Years of Radon Research"
A video Presentation by Dr. Michael Kitto.

Mike Kitto's 30+ years of research have yielded many published and unpublished radon studies. This webinar includes summaries of many of those studies as presented during conferences, including AARST symposiums, and published in professional journals. Summaries included in this live webinar are:
“Evaluating and Assessing Radon Testing in Housing” (current HUD grant) AARST Symp., Nashville, TN, Oct. 2020
“Protocol for the Collection, Transfer and Measurement of Radon in Water” AARST Symp., Denver, CO, Sep. 2019
“The Geology of Radon” NE AARST Symp., Portsmouth NH, Jun. 2018
“Radon Emanation from Subslab Fill” NE AARST Symp., Portsmouth NH, Jun. 2017
“Analysis of Commercial and State Radon Measurement Databases” AARST Symp., San Diego, CA, Sep. 2016
“Is U.S. Radon Prevalence Greater Than 1 in 15 Homes?” AARST Symp., Bloomington, MN, Sep. 2015
“System for Measurement of Radon in Natural Gas Using Lucas Cells” AARST Symp., Charleston, SC, Sep. 2014
“Gross Alpha Activity in Water using Electret Detectors” AARST Symp., Charleston, SC, Sep. 2014
“Radionuclide and Chemical Hazards of a Radium Ore Revigator” J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., Articles, 296, 57-62, 2013
“Vapors from Radon Mitigation Supplies” AARST Symp., Springfield, IL, Sep. 2013
“Estimating Radon-Related Deaths at the Township Level” AARST Symp., Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 2012
“An Ecological Study of Radon and 13 Types of Cancer” AARST Symp., Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 2012
“Distribution of Radon Professionals in the U.S.” AARST Symp., Orlando, FL, Oct. 2011
“Experimental Determination of the Effectiveness of Radon Barriers” AARST Symp., Columbus, OH, Oct. 2010
“The 5 Ws of a Radon Website” AARST Symp., Columbus, OH, Oct. 2010
“Can Cat Litter be a Source of Indoor Radon?” AARST Symp., St. Louis, MO Sept. 2009
“Laboratory Intercomparison of Radon-in-Water Standards” AARST Symp., St. Louis, MO, 2009
“Performance of a Commercial Radon-in-Water Measurement Kit” J. Environ. Radioact. 99, 1255-1257, 2008
“Emission of Radon from Decorative Stone” AARST Symp., Las Vegas, NV, 2008
“Assessment of the Multimedia Mitigation of Radon in New York” Health Phys. 92(5), 449-455, 2007
“Producing a Reusable Radon-in-Water Standard” AARST Symp., Kansas City, MO, Sept. 2006
“Radionuclide and Chemical Concentrations in Mineral Waters at Saratoga Springs, New York”
J. Environ. Radioact. 80, 327-339, 2005
“Interrelationship of Indoor Radon Concentrations, Soil-Gas Flux, and Meteorological Parameters”
J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 264, 381, 2005
“Emanation from Granite Countertops” AARST Symp., San Diego, CA, 2005
“Radon Survey of Recent Home Buyers” AARST Symp., Newport, RI, 2004
“Assessing Radon Concentrations in Areas with Few Measurements” Environ. Monitor. Assess. 83, 163-175, 2003
“Radon in New York State Schools” AARST Symp., Nashville, TN, Oct. 2003
“Relationship of Soil Radon Flux with Indoor Radon Entry Rates” AARST Symp., Reno, NV, Oct. 2002
“Development and Distribution of Radon Risk Maps in New York State” J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., Articles 249, 153-157, 2001
“A Study of Radioactivity Concentrations in Warwick, NY” AARST Symp., Milwaukee, WI, Oct. 2000
“Obtaining Additional Indoor Measurements in Underserved Areas of NY” AARST Symp., Las Vegas, NV Nov. 1999
“Targeting Towns for Additional Indoor Radon Measurements” AARST Symp., Cherry Hill, NJ, Sept. 1998
“Targeting High-Risk Towns for Groundwater Radon” AARST Symp., Cincinnati, OH, 1997
“Radon and Thoron Emanation from Uranium-glazed Tableware” Health Phys. 70, 712-713, 1996
“Direct Comparison of Three Methods for the Determination of Radon in Well Water” Health Phys. 70, 358-362, 1996
“Radon Emanation from Housewares and Construction Materials” AARST Symp., Haines City, FL, 1996
“Radon Measurements and Mitigation at a Fish Hatchery” AARST Symp., Nashville, TN, Sept. 1995
“Radon Measurements in Groundwater” J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., Articles 193, 253, 1995
“Characteristics of Liquid Scintillation Analysis of Radon in Water” J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., Articles 185, 91, 1994
“Identifying High Risk Areas of New York State: Mapping Indoor Radon Data” AARST Symp., Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 1994
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