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Mitigating Schools and Large Buildings 8hr Spruce 407 (SPRUCE-407)

Radon can be present in dangerous amounts in schools, workplaces, apartments and multifamily buildings. The testing procedures and the fixes for radon and the design practices for new large buildings are different than those in homes. This course follows the ANSI-AARST Standard for Mitigating Schools and Large Buildings. Building behaviors must be accounted for when testing and fixing radon. Large buildings are equally as susceptible to elevated radon as homes. Their pressure differentials and air flows are often so complex that it is difficult to evaluate and fix a radon problem. Mitigation of large buildings can be complicated, so practitioners must be especially attentive to radon entry pathways and forces. Join instructor Nate Burden for this in-depth online video course.

Key concepts:
ANSI-AARST Mitigating Schools and Large Buildings Standard

Audience: Testing and Mitigation professionals; building and HVAC designers; school officials and large building managers


Course Instructor: Nate Burden, Spruce Training Associate
(with Matt Hendrick, Spruce Senior Training Specialist)
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  • Mitigating Schools and Large Buildings
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  • Mitigating Schools and Large Buildings Exam
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever